I cnt seem to get sound from my computer?

Answer sewrobb has given the best answer and told you exactly what to do and i could not have given that answer better myself. Did u do what he said. Any problems found?

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Can I make play the sound from my computer from my monitor?

IF the monitor has built in speakers then YES you can.Locate the AUDIO INPUT socket on monitor, connect a 3.5mm stereo load from speaker out on PC to this socket (usually also a 3.5mm stereo) and t... Read More »

How to Get Live Sound From a Computer Mic?

Computer microphones can help users make conference calls, record memos and create audio presentations. Many laptops and desktops today include a built-in microphone for convenience. You can use yo... Read More »

How much sound quality improvement will i get by upgrading from a motherboard sound slot to a sound card?

When i switched from my on board AC97 sound card to a $80 soundblaster I noticed absolutely no difference. Pissed me off something awful

Cannot hear sound on computer from dvds?

Thats strange, are you sure you havnt got it on mute or something?You could check if you have a driver missing check for drivers on this website:…Look up ... Read More »