I cnt seem to get sound from my computer?

Answer sewrobb has given the best answer and told you exactly what to do and i could not have given that answer better myself. Did u do what he said. Any problems found?

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Computer Sound problem All drivers installed, cables fine, monitor wont play sound?

what monitor is it?what graphic card?if u have an hdmi monitor and hdmi capable gpu use a hdmi cable otherwise go into device managerstart orb type in device manager in search boxclick on devi... Read More »

I have a new basic acer computer should there be sound on it or do i need to buy a sound card ,?

If it is not on mute setting, try reinstalling the sound driver. Driver is usually in the drivers CD that came w/ new computer. If drivers CD is gone, download sound driver from PC maker's website.

Is it possible to download sound to a computer, when theres no sound device?

a sound is a file like any of course you can download, edit, or do anything you want with it...but you won't be able to listen to it without a sound card/ sounds to me as if you... Read More »

How much sound quality improvement will i get by upgrading from a motherboard sound slot to a sound card?

When i switched from my on board AC97 sound card to a $80 soundblaster I noticed absolutely no difference. Pissed me off something awful