I completely wiped my pc and now have a problem?

Answer Sounds like you haven't completely wiped your hard drive. You prob still have windows system files on the boot sector. You need to use a hard drive utility like Acronis to reformat your drive, and ... Read More »

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How to Get a Misdemeanor Wiped from Your Record?

Having a misdemeanor on your record can prevent you from getting certain jobs or living in certain rental properties. How much the misdemeanor affects you will depend on the type of misdemeanor con... Read More »

Is it true that your debts get wiped?

They will find you...When I was living at home/going to college, I had a credit card that my mom was paying for me, I only used it for gas and in case of emergency. Well there was like a $150 balan... Read More »

How Long Before a Debt is Wiped?

Debt is wiped after 3 years from date of commencement. Debt records may be used in background checks in financial and insurance applications.

Disaster. Just wiped ipod.?

Restart itunes or re-download it and make sure your music is backed up.