I completely wiped my pc and now have a problem?

Answer Sounds like you haven't completely wiped your hard drive. You prob still have windows system files on the boot sector. You need to use a hard drive utility like Acronis to reformat your drive, and ... Read More »

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If i killed my landlord and wiped out his family would i still have to pay rent.?

you have to make sure your on the will to get the deeds to the appartment block before you do it.if you don't the next person it's left to will be your new landlord.....they will want rent off you ... Read More »

I have completely messed up TV!!?

unplug and leave for a few seconds then swithc on and refresh

Have I ruined it completely?

Did you try to burn a disc while you had the clear plastic disc and the blank in the drive? If so you may have killed it.

Can I just top up the transmission oil in my CR 125 97 or would I have to completely change it?

I would change it but if it looks pretty clean, you can get away with topping it off. If it looks like old coffee, change it.