I created a group on Facebook and accidently removed myself as the admin. How do I become admin again?

Answer i'm pretty sure that you have to find another admin of the group and have them mark you as admin. if there isn't one im not really sure. try the "help" option on facebook? its under account (im ... Read More »

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If i created a group on facebook does that make me the admin?

Yes. And you can add people as moderators or co-administrators too.

If you are an admin of a facebook group, can you view all the group members profiles?

Facebook group admin?

Thats a silly mistake.Go to facebooks help page.

How do i delete myself as an admin on facebook page?

If you like any page, the admin of thepage cam make you admin of that pageeven if your not his friend in FB. If Youwant to remove yourself as a adminfrom that page, fist unlike that page and then b... Read More »