I currently have a full driving licence how do I get ‘category A' provisional Motorcycle licence put on it?

Answer If you have completed a CBT you must already have a provisional Cat A licence or your training school allowed you to ride without a licence.Your drivers licence comes in two parts. The plastic car... Read More »

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Do i need to apply for a uk motorcycle provisional licence if I already have a provisional car licence?

There's two possible answers and I disagree with the one above. Read the notes at…

If you have a full motorcycle licence can you drive a car with a full car licence holder at your side?

UK...if you mean a full car licence holder supervising you then YES[with L plates]...a full bike licence is still a provisional car licence till you pass your car test.........there isn't such a th... Read More »

How long do you have to have a provisional drivers licence before you are allowed to apply for a full licence?

as long as you are 17 year old then you can apply for a test all parts but wether you have the knowledge and ability to pass is another thing

Are the theory tests for motorcycle and car driving different in the UK If I have a full car licence, and...?