I currently have a full driving licence how do I get ‘category A' provisional Motorcycle licence put on it?

Answer If you have completed a CBT you must already have a provisional Cat A licence or your training school allowed you to ride without a licence.Your drivers licence comes in two parts. The plastic car... Read More »

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How long do you have to have a provisional drivers licence before you are allowed to apply for a full licence?

as long as you are 17 year old then you can apply for a test all parts but wether you have the knowledge and ability to pass is another thing

Im Exchanging My Australia Provisional Lincence Over For A Full Uk Licence, But What Licence Will I Get Back?

No you cannot. Look here:…Read the bit referring to Gibraltar and Designated Countries. You'll note it refers to a FULL licence, not provisional.

Can you use your full drivers licence as a provisional motor bike licence?

Your drivers licence has two parts.The plastic part with you photograph shows your full licence entitlements. Hence "I have a full driving licence with the categories B,B1, f,k,p on it"Now have a l... Read More »

When driving with a provisional licence, does the supervisor need insurance Read in full below...?

The rule is simple - no-one can drive a car if the insurance on that car does not name them as an authorised driver. The person supervising you only needs to be insured on the car if they are going... Read More »