I did not add the question mark,it came there all by it's self.Thank you.?

Answer I actually dont like when the question mark comes automatically. Sometimes i just want to say a statement, but it ends up with the inconvienient question mark. I guess, if it helps you.

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Computer came back from the shop and the reason I sent it there is still there, why?

I know what the problem is its easily fixed but it needs to be fixed by some one that knows what there doing it seems this shop does not have a clue.

Was on my way to work car juddered nlight came on changed coil problem still there 2003 fiesta?

What codes did the light show when you got it scanned, or did you just change the coil because of a guess?

I want to go the home office liverpool...union street how can i get there if i came from the train station?

Might help if you said from which railway station!However, assuming Liverpool Lime Street or Central, the nearest station to Union Street is Moorfields - two stops from Lime Street, one from Centra... Read More »

Are there any Graphic Designers out there who can answer my question?

Graphic design is a very fun career, and I am glad that I choose it, however, you must be prepared to work hard for it. Art degrees are very competitive, and you have to be REALLY GOOD at it to mak... Read More »