I do not have laptop why does my decktop freeze all the time have anti virse?

Answer thats not virus behavior you need to restore factory specs how you do that depends on your model

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I have a tower and a laptop do I have to have anti-virus on each one?

You can always install the free version of Avira Antivir - download it and save it to your laptop…Next, download the Norton removal toolhttps://www-secure.... Read More »

I have found a worm on my laptop i have removed it using avast anti virus can anyone tell me what it could do?

As Alex said you can google it for information on it,but make sure it was not a false positive.It depends where you loaded Avast from.SUPERANTISPYWARE WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU THE INFORMATION YOU WANT ... Read More »

I have had to topup my radiator with water...will i need to top up the anti freeze?

I see there are lots of answers here but I will still include mine; As long as the level being low is not due to an actual leak then no you should'nt need to add anti freeze it does'nt boil off li... Read More »

My laptop is so full of virus that the anti virus i have used so far have been failing. what do i do pls?

Run your computer in Safe Mode.Set a System Restore point to the earliest possible time.