I do not have laptop why does my decktop freeze all the time have anti virse?

Answer thats not virus behavior you need to restore factory specs how you do that depends on your model

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What anti freeze should i use for a 51 bmw 316?

As long as it is nitrate free anti freeze you will be ok, personally I use the BMW stuff.

When should i put anti freeze in the car?

Antifreeze mix should be present all the year round as it stops corrosion. Keep a 50:50 mix in the car and you will have no problems. Corrosion can mean a new radiator.

Why are there different colours anti freeze?

Sorry but there are a bare minimum of 7 different formulations of antifreeze. Never depend on the color for identification purposes. Read the formulation recommended for your application and follow... Read More »

I have a 1998 MGF what anti freeze (colour) should I top up with,and where do I put it Thank you so much S.?

Antifreeze should be changed every two years same as brake fluid They degrade with time and the addatives become less effective also brake fluid is Hygroscopic which means that it absorbs water, yo... Read More »