I don't have facebook...but when it's someone's birthday does it tell you?

Answer it caunt on if the person wants you to know

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What does it mean when someones following you on twitter?

how do they look suspicious?or gorgeous? if the first they say and what do you want?as the police are watching!and the second just start to follow them?

Does msn break your computer can some one tell me the truth because people say it does but i dont know help?

When someones says "You have lost face" , what exactly do they mean?

They mean that you have been shamed and can no longer look them in the face or eyes.I don't really think of it as an insult, because the person who has lost face really has to draw that conclusion ... Read More »

I am 11 and a boy, when my mum goes out I put on my mums underwear,tights,bra I dont know if I should tell her?

Just take a picure and show her, she'll be really impressed.