I don't want people to see when I like things on facebook.. Can I stop this?

Answer Go to your profile page, scroll down to the tab of Older Posts you'll see on the right of this tab (Edit Options) button, click on it you will see recent activity remove the Things you like line by... Read More »

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How I stop unknown people on facebook to stop liking my pictures?

That post was must be public thats why someone see it & liked it.When you post status or photo use the audience selector & choose 'friends only' , so that nobody except your friend can see it & won... Read More »

How do i stop people adding people to a private group message on Facebook?

Do many of you get invites to Facebook from people who you dont recognise?

all the time! i used to accept all! but now i see who it is first!!hey! how's you!? love the weather!!

Can you ask someone to stop posting things you are not interested in on your facebook wall is it ok?

If you asked her politely I don't see any problem with asking her to post less. I'm betting that the time will come that you'll just block her though. I think the term stalking is overused, but s... Read More »