I don't want people to see when I like things on facebook.. Can I stop this?

Answer Go to your profile page, scroll down to the tab of Older Posts you'll see on the right of this tab (Edit Options) button, click on it you will see recent activity remove the Things you like line by... Read More »

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How do i stop all people from comment on my like page on facebook?

YOU CAN'T STOP ALL PEOPLE From commenting in your page. You can block some people and they won't able to comment but preventing all people from commenting is impossible.What you can do is stop peop... Read More »

Why is it that buses come when u dont want them but dont when you do?

Do u think there is people on this site being paid to say positive things about products like say firefox?

if so do u think they will answer this question.

How comes black people dont start companys like facebook or google i know there were black inventors in the?

I am very surprised you asked that question. 95% of people are not interested in what colour another person is. They are only interested in what's between his ears.I have over the years worked with... Read More »