I dont want to go to the job centre :(?

Answer the job centre is just that Claiming jsa is just one of their functions there should be terminals there that have all the vacancies they have registered, and you can search through them for any yo... Read More »

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I want to work from home but dont want to get scamed i want it to be enjoyable?

start your own business....go see the business gateway people.What are you good at...what do you enjoy doing....there is a start!

I want to straighten my hair but i dont want to damage it what shall i do ?

leave it alone, don't wash it as often. It will make it a little oily so put loose j&j baby powder on it. You'll lose waviness and body in no time.

I want to add a second computer upstairs. so do i need to run a telephone cable up as i dont want wireless?

why wouldnt you want wireless? its fantastic, no more wires all over the place! as long as you protect yourself with passwords i cant see the problem, otherwise you would have to run a cable upstairs

I am currently off sick with stress and want to leave my job but need to give notice but dont want to?

Be careful here, if your new job (which you have accepted) is conditional upon your having a good reference, you will have to work off your notice period. Try to negotiate with your old employer s... Read More »