I dont want to use a picture of me as my facebook profile picture?

Answer A sausage

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Is there a way to keep the likes on a picture when you change it to your profile picture on Facebook?

if it's a picture you uploaded yourself, yes, it's simple...just click "make profile picture"if it's a picture you are tagged in, uploaded by someone else, then no, it's not possiblewhat you need t... Read More »

If you delete your current profile picture on Facebook will it return to your previous profile picture?

no, you just won't have one until you change it back, or replace it

What to use a a Facebook profile picture if you don't want your face?

there's a list of alternative default facebook profile pictures, i used some of them, its funny…

How do you put a picture as a profile picture in facebook GROUP?

$:first of all you should be the owner of the group..exactly 1centimeter down of "home" button on your group page you have option of: uploading a photo(or)upload an image in your group.....the... Read More »