I fancy some in year 10 i am a year younger?

Answer I think he maybe just does not want to be your friend. As its a little weird having a friend a year below you. So just ask him. Flirt a little. But if he does not seem interested. Then leave it.

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Buying a pontoon boat, roughly how much is maintenance .on a new boat, 3 year old, 5 year old, 15 year old et?

I would not buy new. . . (let the other guy take all that loss).Maintenance is not that much on a pontoon boat. Main thing is keep it clean, and your motor tuned.Pontoon boats are the safest boats ... Read More »

Is there a new apple 17" macbook pro coming out this year or will it now be next year?

Next year most likely. Apple just upgraded the 17" a few months ago to the new aluminum unibody.

I bought the daughter a 3 year old Yamaha Jog scooter last year but she recently had it serviced and now -?

If the bike has "just" been serviced and is fundamentally performing poor since then you need to intervene and take it back and reason with themI do not wish to sound sexist in any way but it is tr... Read More »

Is it against the law that my 3 year old daughter is sharing a room with his new girlfriends 9 year old son?

No. its not a legal requirement, just another benchmarks councils use to allocate points on the housing register, because it is desirable for children over a certain age to have their own rooms. Th... Read More »