I feel Facebook's taking over my life, I need a hobby?

Answer Knitting, learning a new language, maybe even working out at home. Whatever it is, it should be something that could better your life, instead of the social networking this day and age.

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Facebook is taking over my life!!! :/?

SAME. I'm always on it. Go out more with friends or whoever, try and delteing your account but then you'll just be on another site like Twitter or whatnot:)! Do something useful with your time, lik... Read More »

Is the internet taking over your life?

I, personally, spend almost my entire day in the internet. I use about 20% if that of my time on the internet in idle activity such as downloading, playing games, etc.I see the internet as an infor... Read More »

I feel like my life is going no where....need a new career help?

I would wait until you feel you have gained enough knowledge & experience to apply for a more challenging job (that also pays more). Try and do training courses through your company if possible th... Read More »

Thinking of taking up pc building as a hobby?

It depends on your knowledge and its pretty much up to you on how long you want to build it. Right now i can build one in about 5 hours minimum . And no its not a waste of money u can make a top ... Read More »