I get internet in any room in my house, except for my room HELP?

Answer Two things:Maybe your router moved? If it has directional antennas especially, the direction / placement of the router matters.Maybe your router is going bad. I had a router that over time wasn't... Read More »

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Ive got a pc upstairs in my room without internet but a pc downstairs with do i get it in my room?

Set up a network - using a wired router or a wireless router. If you're on cable - get a DSL modem router - if you have a BT line then a ADSL modem router. You'll also need an adapter for wireless.... Read More »

Who owns the internet Where is the INTERNET basedDoes it have a control room of some kind or just satelites?

Why is it that when I am in my dorm room with my window open and the door closed, there isn't a change in temperature and no wind comes in or blows around. But if I open the door, the room becomes cold and wind is felt throughout the room?

When the wind blows into your room, it comes to a stop and experiences a rise in pressure. This is an consequence of Bernoulli's equation, which recognizes that energy is conserved and that in a fl... Read More »

How to Turn a Formal Dining Room Into a Craft Room or Home Office?

When converting a formal dining room into an office or craft room, you can either do a total room makeover or work with what you have to redesign it on a budget. If you don't want to buy new furnit... Read More »