I got 7.2Mbps/sec is this good?

Answer 400KB/s is 3.2Mbps900 KB/s is 7.2Mbps

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Is this a good question for the exam I am having this month for my Facebook status?

There are exams for facebook status??What sort of questions are on the exam? Who gives the exam? What happens if you don't pass? Has everyone on facebook passed the exam? I never took one, and ... Read More »

As the weather is not very good today on this Good Friday, we may as well............... what do you think?

Go to the nearest church (any denomination will do) and say a few prayers for your family, the poor, the suffering and anyone else you can think of who is in trouible.You'll feel better!.

Uk house prices are dropping by £120.00 a day, does this mean this year is a good time to buy?

If you are trying to get onto the property ladder than any drop in prices is good,,,getting it at the lowest possible price is the trick though,,,,

Can anyone good with computers tell me if this is a good PC to buy................?

Im sure that RAM is really really bad you want 1gb minimum nowadays, that is 4 times more than 256mb