I got a 2meg broadband. Can i run 2 pc's from the same line.?

Answer We have 2mbit like you and easily run 3.. so yes.

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Is it possible to use Broadband on a MAC upstairs and a PC downstairs on the same phone line at the same time?

yes its possible - though you can only subscribe to 1 provider and connect through 1 router - both mac and pc can be connected to the router usind separate ip addresses at the same time no problems... Read More »

Sky internet is effin shyte!! can i get another broadband at the same house using.the same phone line?

I moved from Virgin to Sky because Sky was faster and cheaper.I don't think you can run a different broadband through the line while another is running - when we changed over we had to have a dead ... Read More »

Configuring a fax machine to a router on the same line as broadband?

it is now 2012.these days we use a thing called are trying to link up 40 year old technologywith a modern computer system. LOL...wake up man..

Can I connect two modems at the same time to a broadband (DSL) line to get internet on two computers?

No you cannot as there is only one interface at the BT exchange. This interface is only able to connect to one of your modems. If you try and connect a second modem the connection will fail.However... Read More »