I got a 2meg broadband. Can i run 2 pc's from the same line.?

Answer We have 2mbit like you and easily run 3.. so yes.

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Is Cable Broadband better than ADSL line broadband?

DSL is cheaper but slower. Cable is faster but more expensive. Your opinion.

Broadband without bt line?

I asked the same question a bit ago and still haven't managed to find any, and am desperate to leave virgin, but can't pay £125 for a BT line. But I'll be keeping an eye on you're answers, just in... Read More »

Why do i need phone line for a broadband?

If the provider is not cable based they will use your phone line to deliver the connection through a new or existing phone line, usually as an ASDL service.The only other option is a cable provider... Read More »

Can you get broadband in the uk without a phone line?

Virgin are the only company that will be able to offer this as they don't use BT lines, they have their own network infrastructure and can put a data line directly into your property. I also find ... Read More »