I got a e-mail that I won irishlotteryprogramme but have to pay the carrier is these for real?

Answer its a scam. They want a copy of your drivers lic so they can steal your identy and your money so they can get rich. You would not believe how many people fall for this kind of scam.

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I have received mail that I have won yahoo/Msn Lottery of 500,000 pound sterling which i have never buy is it?

What a load of old crap. Welcome to phishing!!

Is it possible to block an e mail i.e one that you have sent that you didnt mean to ?

Just depends which network your on, some can if not opened ..

I am skilled on photoshop and Flash i want and online job that is REAL and that pays REAL money.?

for the most part you will find jobs based on personal well jobs u will work through person to person and with new websites offering easier photo manipulation the photoshop thing wont help you much... Read More »

Is there a name for this hairstyle that looks like an electrified cat that the young men have these days?

P - I have Farrah Fawcett Major hair and have done for the last 20 odd years lol