): I got received mean comment today; do you agree with them {Picture}?

Answer I honestly think that girl was jealous! You are verrry beautiful! Don't listen to what other people say. I think you have a beautiful face. IYou have very pretty eyes lips and cheeks. =) Ignore the... Read More »

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Do you agree with me not to buy any product which pops up on my computer. I object to them stealing my space.?

i disagree, sometimes the adverts highlight better products than you've researched yourself.and if you want to surf, you have to have the adverts , its how it's sponsored.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them quote from Henri Matisse do you agree with him?

I agree. Positivity, optimism and imagination are blooming marvellous!

Who would agree with me that Traffic Roundabouts are a genius invention, Agree, Disagree, & Why?

They are theory, when drivers use then in the way they should! Here in Spain they have had them for the last 20 years, but still cannot go round the properly, cutting from the inside acr... Read More »

How do i add picture to a comment on MYSPACE?

best way is to upload the pic on a site like imageshack or photobucket and then gettin a code. imageshack will give a bunch of codes and the best one to use which at the very bottom of the page is ... Read More »