): I got received mean comment today; do you agree with them {Picture}?

Answer I honestly think that girl was jealous! You are verrry beautiful! Don't listen to what other people say. I think you have a beautiful face. IYou have very pretty eyes lips and cheeks. =) Ignore the... Read More »

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On GMTV today it said 97% of women consider a size 12 to be Fat Do you agree?

Absolute rubbish. Size 12 is gorgeous, just right in my opinion. I know some girls that are size 14 and 16 that I think are very sexy and not fat at all.Curvy is good ladies! :)

How do i add picture to a comment on MYSPACE?

best way is to upload the pic on a site like imageshack or photobucket and then gettin a code. imageshack will give a bunch of codes and the best one to use which at the very bottom of the page is ... Read More »

On myspace how do you add a picture to a photo comment.?

You need to upload the pic to a hosting site, like tinypic.comthen just copy and paste the code they give you for the pic into your comment

Is it possible to leave a picture i've taken as a Myspace Comment?

upload the pic to flickr or some other hosting site and then copy and paste the embedded link in the comment you leave.when you preview your comment you should see the pic if it worked properly.