I got spam mail.............?

Answer Spam mail is normal.. and I don't get your question? But yeah spam mail is just a whole bunch of random stuff that comes from many different websites are from people who don't even know you it's ki... Read More »

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Why does Yahoo mail seem to ignore spam notification and continue to flood Inbox with same spam ?

I have found Yahoo mail to have one of the best spam traps going - and I'm pretty sure the spammers think that too, what I think is happening is the spammers are just trying to find ways of beatin... Read More »

Masses of "junk/spam" e-mail on Windows Live Mail - why?

You are a victim of your own doing. You have most likely been a bit lax with regard to where you have posted your email address and it on someones/many spam lists.Log into your ISP webmail and look... Read More »

Spam E-Mail?

A few seconds to you is a lifetime to a computer. Computers can carry out millions of instructions per second and if one of them is to download a nasty to your PC, then that's what it will do.Try d... Read More »

How do report mail as spam on gmail?

Put a check by the offending email - it's to the left of the star. Then look just above the list of emails and you'll see a button that says "Report Spam". Just click that and any emails you have... Read More »