I got spam mail.............?

Answer Spam mail is normal.. and I don't get your question? But yeah spam mail is just a whole bunch of random stuff that comes from many different websites are from people who don't even know you it's ki... Read More »

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Why does Yahoo mail seem to ignore spam notification and continue to flood Inbox with same spam ?

I have found Yahoo mail to have one of the best spam traps going - and I'm pretty sure the spammers think that too, what I think is happening is the spammers are just trying to find ways of beatin... Read More »

Masses of "junk/spam" e-mail on Windows Live Mail - why?

You are a victim of your own doing. You have most likely been a bit lax with regard to where you have posted your email address and it on someones/many spam lists.Log into your ISP webmail and look... Read More »

Spam E-Mail?

A few seconds to you is a lifetime to a computer. Computers can carry out millions of instructions per second and if one of them is to download a nasty to your PC, then that's what it will do.Try d... Read More »

How do you determine which mail is spam and which is not?

if the person sending it to you is not on your mailing list, then it will be sent to your junk mail folder...that is, if your junk mail settings are set to high...if your mail is constantly getting... Read More »