I hate Facebook does anyone else?

Answer What? you hate facebook?Translation: I have no friends and I have ugly photos :)I love FB!unlike yahoo answers,full of trolls! FB actually filters out trash,you need an email and phone verification... Read More »

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Does anyone else hate facebook?

There are a lot of annoying things on facebookhere is the Facebook Athem just for all those "Bored with facebook"…Enjoy - I promise you will like it, Just... Read More »

What do you hate about Facebook?

The reason I don't have one:-it's boring-the games are boring and dumb-you basically just write what you're doing-now, all everyone cares is take pictures, edit it horribly, and write a quote that ... Read More »

Do you hate facebook?

I hate it because:1) The newsfeed takes over your life, You can miss nothing.2) You're likely to have been tagged in embarrassing pictures of you everywhere, coming at you from all angles (ESPECIAL... Read More »

How much do you love/hate Facebook?