I have 64 bit system but....?

Answer 32 bit:Can support only up to 4GB maximum of RAM64bit:64-BitSupports total RAM densities over 4GBRuns both 32-bit and 64-bit programsAlthough a system utilizes a 64-bit CPU, it cannot fully take ad... Read More »

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I have a gas steam heating system and the second floor radiators don't heat well. How does this system work and how can I balance the system so that the upstairs radiators warm at the same rate as the first floor radiators?

In a steam heating system, steam rises upward from a boiler in the basement and condenses in the radiators. As the steam transforms into water, it releases an enormous amount of heat and this heat ... Read More »

If the earth is the hardware, nature the operating system and animals manage thier own eco system?

interesting analogy. I would have to say that in purely technical terms hardware can be replaced, the OS refreshed, repaired or replaced even upgraded, but I am not sure where the eco system fits i... Read More »

How does zavoli alisei N system LPG system work I don't think it is working properly?

You need to take this to a garage that deals with LPG systems.

Security system locked out during installment of system in 2008 Pontiac G6 Gt?

are you using a harness like this ?if not that is your problem…