I have 64 bit system but....?

Answer 32 bit:Can support only up to 4GB maximum of RAM64bit:64-BitSupports total RAM densities over 4GBRuns both 32-bit and 64-bit programsAlthough a system utilizes a 64-bit CPU, it cannot fully take ad... Read More »

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I have a gas steam heating system and the second floor radiators don't heat well. How does this system work and how can I balance the system so that the upstairs radiators warm at the same rate as the first floor radiators?

In a steam heating system, steam rises upward from a boiler in the basement and condenses in the radiators. As the steam transforms into water, it releases an enormous amount of heat and this heat ... Read More »

I have a Bose audio system that came with the nissan. what is a louder system i could put in there?

bose is just about as good as it gets when you talk about loudness and sound quality together. but, if you're ready to shell out some major cash go to your nearest bang & olufsen (spell check) sto... Read More »

I have Windows XP and seem to have picked up a virus. When I type in 'system restore'...?

scroll over Start - go to Control Panel - click on System on there and System Restore is on the options.It should come up with a calender and pick one of the dates that is highlighted before your p... Read More »

Lost both keys for a cbr600, have been told will have to replace Engine management system (>£1,000)?

Honda Ignition Security System (H.I.S.S.)Honda's highly capable H.I.S.S. anti-theft system features a fail-safe electronic interlock that prevents the engine from being started in any other way tha... Read More »