I have Broadband with bt (with home hub etc) how do I move to another provider?

Answer If you do change, your new provider will require a MAC code which is obtainable, by phone from BT. They will tell you when to ask for this code. It is meant to ensure you have a smooth transition t... Read More »

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How do you change a BT home hub to use it as a wireless router with another broadband provider?

All i can say is have fun. If the hub is under two years old they are all coded.

Is BT a good broadband provider or would I be better off with a different provider?

I changed from BT Broadband because it cost so much and didn't offer the speed other providers were offering.Their service was OK - I wouldn't give them a gold medal or anything though as I get rea... Read More »

I want to upgrade from dial up to BT Broadband with home hub. Do I need another phone line put in?

1 phone line will do. I would say that the customer service/billing etc departments which are all based in India are apalling so dont do it.if you really want to go with BT (gawd knows why) then do... Read More »

Who is the best broadband provider to go with?

Tiscali is actually doing a good deal now 14.99 2mb internet + free wekend pay nothing for line rental or 29.99 and you get free calls.