I have Project Diva in my laptop. But why is that when I downloaded it,it was rar fileHow to open it?

Answer step1:- you need winrar to open itdownloading link for 32bit 32bit)for 64bit you can download 7zchose is yours... Read More »

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Why does it say that my laptop is wireless when I have to have a battery and wire connection on it to make it?

Ah, take no notice if people are rude!I have been using pcs about 10 years now but i remember vivedly when it was all new..........I took my new laptop to work and handed it to our IT specialist an... Read More »

IS WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER FREEdo I have to pay at all when I download and after i have downloaded it!!?

Totally free - but I don't think its as stable as the older MSN. Sadly you HAVE to have it now *sob*

I am in 4th grade, and working on a science fair project using a basketball and have it pumped with 0 psi, 3 psi, 6 psi, 9 psi and 12 psi of air. Why is it that the 9psi ball bounces the highest when dropped from 6ft - T?

The more pressure a basketball has inside it, the less its surface dents during a bounce and the more of its original energy it stores in the compressed air. Air stores and returns energy relativel... Read More »

Jpeg images appearing on my computer that i have not downloaded?

It`s hard to say without more info, but it could be malware.Give Malwarebytes a try.Add more info if it doesn`t work.Boot into safe mode with networking, by tapping F8 at startup.Download Malwareby... Read More »