I have a 1Tb westerndigital network hard drive. It fails to connect to my network.?

Answer it wont connect to a network? or the computer? if it can connect to the computer and not the network, right click on it, go to sharing, and run the wizard. If it is not showing up onto your compute... Read More »

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Connect Hard drive to network?

There are special drives called Network Area Storage (NAS) that interface directly with networks. You will probably be better off hooking your drive up to an old PC that is connected to a network.

How to Connect an External Hard Drive to Dish Network 625?

When obtaining your Dish Network television programming, there are several receivers and DVRs available for use. The Dish Network 625 is a receiver/DVR that comes with a USB connection port on the ... Read More »

Sharing External Hard Drive on a Network?

Start running some sort of Media Center on your computer. And yes; you've just touched on one of the changes between Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to share an external hard drive on home network?

you can get a usb network server this allows usb printers, external drives, etc to connect to a network