I have a 40G internet package with talk talk. does that limit how long i can use the internet for or ..?

Answer I have that package, and we have both pc's on the net all day long usually. One is used for the kids and games, the other my hubby plays americas army on it most of the time. The PC's are usually... Read More »

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What internet & talk package deal is best..?

Virgin media is the best. Whatever, don't choose orange broadband, they'll skin you alive :D.

I had a phone call and agreed to change my package with talk talk but is this a good idea?

What package do/did you have and what price? Is this land-line or mobile?**EDIT**- So what did you change from and what did you change to?- How much did you pay and how much will you pay?Need more ... Read More »

Does anyone else have trouble with talk talk broadband or is it just me it"s sh e?

The main problem with Talk Talk is their first line tech support are rubbish, however their second line are really switched on.problem is it can take hours to get through first line, and they close... Read More »

Is anybodys internet down on talk talk?