I have a BT broad account if I buy a BT dongle for WiFI?

Answer I presume by "BT broad account", you mean a BT broadband account.Provided you have not opted out of the BT FON service, then all you need is a WiFi enabled computer (probably a laptop). If you have... Read More »

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I have just bought my daughter a laptop with wifi do i need a usb dongle to pick up the net?

No, wifi is your wireless receiver, usb dongle is the same thing as wifi

using a dongle or WiFi?

If you have a telephone line it is best to get your broadband through any of the ISPs that service your area, such as BT, or Talk Talk.I don't know if your pc is wifi enabled. If it is you will be... Read More »

If I get my laptop wifi enabled, do I need to have an account?

Your question is rather confusing. If you are able to use it in libraries, it must be wireless enabled (either within the computer, or by plugging a wireless card into the USB socket). You can pic... Read More »

How to Configure a WiFi Dongle to a Router?

For computers that don't have a wireless card or integrated Wi-Fi, an external dongle is the easiest way to add wireless functionality to the system. These use a USB connection to communicate with ... Read More »