I have a BT broad account if I buy a BT dongle for WiFI?

Answer I presume by "BT broad account", you mean a BT broadband account.Provided you have not opted out of the BT FON service, then all you need is a WiFi enabled computer (probably a laptop). If you have... Read More »

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using a dongle or WiFi?

If you have a telephone line it is best to get your broadband through any of the ISPs that service your area, such as BT, or Talk Talk.I don't know if your pc is wifi enabled. If it is you will be... Read More »

Any body knows wifi dongle?

Can't find any alternatives - all reviews though, say the DMP-BDT220 has it built-in.The DMP-BDT120 requires a dongleAlternatively the Tenda W311R+ can currently be had for £9.99 (plus p&p) http:/... Read More »

How can I set up wifi on my kindle with a dongle?

The password is for connecting to the wireless router. Whoever set up the router has the password.

Can you use a wifi if you connect it with a dongle?

If you have a laptop, it already has WIFI. If you want to use it, you need existing internet service and a wireless router.