I have a Wireless router, why does the internet connection randomly leave?

Answer it might be a firewall on the router, check out it gives good info on this stuff and how to fix it.

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I have a linkseys wireless router i want to set a password so nobody can use my internet connection.?

You are going to need to contact tech support either with Linksys or the make of your computer. For example if you have a Dell, try calling them for tech help. Tech support should have solved you... Read More »

Why does my wireless connection keep dropping. I am pretty much sat on top of my router. I have to restart.?

Join the club!!!I get exactly the same, I am also only seven foot from my BT Home hub.Bloody nuisance isn't it!!!

Does the PS3 come wireless for the internet connection, or do you have to connect via a cable?

Your PS3 has WiFi so it will connect to your broadband downstairs after you have set it up properly. You don't need to buy an adapter.

Can I share an internet connection without a switch or wireless router?

Yes, its possible. If your PC that's getting online already has a LAN card but is connected to the modem, then make sure that PC has another slot for another LAN card so you can connect it to the ... Read More »