I have a belkin n1 mimo wireless router but the range strugles to cover the house. why is this?

Answer Wireless signals are affected by many factors including wall density, electrical interference, directional antenna range, etc.Depending on the size of your house and the factors listed above, you m... Read More »

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How To Use a Belkin Wireless G Router As a Range Booster Access Point?

A wireless networking device such as the Belkin Wireless G router is primarily intended to be used as a central connection point for your home or office network. If you have enough devices to netwo... Read More »

Why does my belkin g+ mimo router keep losing internet connection?

Give them a call on 08456077787 if u are on a BT package it is now free! Technical support is free with Belkin and this product has lifetime warranty. Or go to this page and look at their returns p... Read More »

Belkin N Wireless Router F5D8233UK4 + Wireless USB Network Adapter F5D8053UK / Bundle?

well, if you have the wireless router you do not need the wireless adapter thing, just buy a wireless router, nintendo ds is compatible with 802.11b/g signals so make sure the router supports that,... Read More »

Wireless belkin router?

you dont jus connect the ethernet cable theres another wire you connect to the actual router to the phone line, when you use the ethernet cable you are no longer wireless, so make sure the grey or ... Read More »