I have a desktop computer question?

Answer Under the sale of goods act ALL goods must be of merchantable qualityTHIS means they must work for a reasonable time after you bought it.IF it dont then you are entitled to you money back no matter... Read More »

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Very important question about my desktop computer/wifi?

No, but if you are on wifi nothing should need to be changed and no line needs to be installed. Just move the machine and plug it in.

My desktop monitor is dead. Can I connect my desktop computer to my laptop monitor?

No there isn't a realistic way of doing this. While one of the remote control suggestions may work, you need to configure the desktop for thisto work which you can't as the monitor doesn't work.How... Read More »

Question about desktop ram?

hi Dylan - first please check which version of Windows you have - if it is a 32 bit version, there is no point thinking about more RAM as you can only address about 3.2GB of RAM - of course if it i... Read More »

Desktop gaming question?

You should be able to play them, but you'll be very far from maxing anything.