I have a desktop computer question?

Answer Under the sale of goods act ALL goods must be of merchantable qualityTHIS means they must work for a reasonable time after you bought it.IF it dont then you are entitled to you money back no matter... Read More »

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Very important question about my desktop computer/wifi?

No, but if you are on wifi nothing should need to be changed and no line needs to be installed. Just move the machine and plug it in.

Why have the desktop icons on my computer............?

How Can a Desktop Computer Have a WiFi Connection?

A desktop computer can be enabled for wireless networking if you install a wireless adaptor. Adaptors are available as internal cards, usually with an aerial that protrudes from the back of the PC,... Read More »

Help with computer question please. My son visited me today and has been on my computer and now I find I have?

Go to View>toolbar and check standard buttons