I have a dial up connection, but i need 8 MB to play this game...Any idea how to get 8 MB?

Answer Not with dialup your limited to 53.3K by FCC regulations.

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Dial up internet connection?

Your best if not only "practical" option would be a Mobile Broadband service such as Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go or similar. Below is the US link, of course, you will have to use a locally UK based... Read More »

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Using a dial-up connection to hook up a PlayStation 3 to the Internet is something that should only be attempted if there is no broadband connection available and the game you are playing requires ... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me what the s-video connection on my laptop is for please I have no idea.?

It is used to connect your laptop to your television. You will need a S-Video cable.Connect the laptop to the TV with this cable and then startup the laptop.