I have a dial up connection, but i need 8 MB to play this game...Any idea how to get 8 MB?

Answer Not with dialup your limited to 53.3K by FCC regulations.

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You need a fast broadband connection to download films and play games. This will need a large bandwidth.?

The higher bandwidth you have the more data can be put into it to download in one go. This means your connection does not have to keep reloading masses of small packets to download.

I have a idea for a new design of rolex. to whom may I provide this unique idea.?

Rolex would not be interested. Rolex is "pastoral", not "technological". Their watch designs have changed little over the years. The Rolex Submariner that Shawn Connery wore on the 007 movie "Dr... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what the s-video connection on my laptop is for please I have no idea.?

It is used to connect your laptop to your television. You will need a S-Video cable.Connect the laptop to the TV with this cable and then startup the laptop.

Need good fundraising idea for this!!?

Just a few brief thoughts really.Making a surplus out of your Christmas present - that's the first time I've ever heard of that, but I suppose it might work if the person giving it is okay with it.... Read More »