I have a gateway laptop vista installed and want to connect to the internet what is best modem to buy?

Answer Of course, it all depends on the user. First of all, figure out what internet signals your computer can accept. For example; g, n, n+, g+.Then look for a modem suited for your computer.If you are a... Read More »

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I have installed xp on a vista laptop and I don't have any sound...Help!?

well because it says that all your sound devices are already installed then i would go on a website for help by searching souund drivers for windows xp but if it keeps saying all these messages con... Read More »

If a laptop comes with Vista, can it then have Windows XP installed instead?

Most can, some can't.I have failed to install XP on some new, large HP machines due to lack of drivers. I also failed to get a Vaio working completely (at around the time Vista was first released -... Read More »

How do I connect a gateway up to my laptop - No stupid answers.?

t3h1 obviously doesn't know what a gateway router is. Ok, assume if you are with Tiscali you have a normal adsl telephone line and your linksys is a gateway modem router. The router connects to you... Read More »

When buying a laptop. Is it best to have Windows or Vista installed on it and why?

I am a computer technician, and a programmer as well, and I don't see any problem with Windows Vista, Windows Vista is the latest Operating System designed by Microsoft, it is also told that some h... Read More »