I have a mac 4, I have broadband,the people I want to email have dial-up?

Answer e-mail works with broadband and dial-up as well, the only difference is the speed. you shoud know how the e-mail works.Short for electronic mail, the transmission of messages over communications ne... Read More »

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I have booked a holiday but i have medical condition and may have to have an operation but i dont want to los?

Your precious Life or The moment of Pleasure.Your choice.

Ive just recieved an email that i have won some money, BUT i have to pay too have it delivered is this a fraud?

no no no no don't respond it's a scam, a few weeks ago I got an e mail from what looked like the National Lottery saying I had won an online draw, well I checked out the official web site and all t... Read More »

I have changed from dial up to broadband with new email address. How can I change outlook express?

1st of all try updating windows. if using xp this is simple Start menu> All programes or programes >(on mine it is the 4th from the top of the menu list it says) Windows update press this!. (be the... Read More »

If have a house fire, but have home insurance.what amount do most people have to pay to repair everything?

In general, if you have the proper type policy you'll be paying whatever your deductible is (or your excess as it's called on your side of the pond) and the insurance company will pay the rest. If ... Read More »