I have a new Netgear router but cannot get anything to work off of the wireless connection?

Answer here is a guide to setting up your wireless networkyou will need to set up a new wireless network with encryption…

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Xbox 360 250gb slim and ps3 loses wireless connection to my netgear router?

Could be your dchp lease, or change the channel your router is on so that it has no interfearance from other devices. Also if its next to your router i would always suggest you use a ethernet conne... Read More »

Who's IP address is have telewest broadband, a netgear wireless router my?

one is YOUR internet ip address, assigned to you by telewest:( other is the ip of TELEWEST, your access point to the internet:( home network address, assigned to your... Read More »

I have a new Netgear wireless router and a new modem. why do I keep getting kicked off the internet?

Try this test. Connect a computer directly to the modem and leave it on over night. In the morning, if the computer has connection problems, then the issue is the modem for sure.

Whats the best wireless router that i can buyalready have the netgear wgr614v7 and its crap ?

Belkin. I use it and have no problems.This is the best one, although it costs $150:…Up to 300 mbps connection, even if your internet isn't that fast, LAN w... Read More »