I have a problem with wireless Broadband signal not reaching to one bedroom in the house what do you suggest?

Answer You have a few options:RELOCATE:Relocate the router to a more central location. Not always possible because it needs to be near the phone point.REPEATER MODE:Purchase another access point and use i... Read More »

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Boosting signal output for wireless broadband?

Sorry I cannot help but an interesting question. Which I would like to know the answer too as well.

Why do i have a poor signal with my wireless router?

if your gonna get internet service dont get it from AOL, i have verizon and with wifi i get greet serivice with my wii, laptop, and desktop. i have the router downstairs and my desktop upstairs and... Read More »

Hi i have an old pc that i want to use wireless broadband on. what can i use to make it wireless. is a usb...?

get a wireless card installled the signal is stronger that usb 2 port but if its a old computer i.e runnings windows 98 or me when you brought it. it will probably not have the faster usb port more... Read More »

I have a recurring problem with my computer where the monitor shows up black with a mesage saying no signal.?