I have a provisional driving licence and want to do my driving test but it has my old address is it now void?

Answer Bet you can change it online somewhere - have you tried the dvlc website?

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How do I update my address on my Provisional Driving Licence>?

You need to go to and you should find the answer there.

Hello.If i will pass theory test in Ireland and i will have provisional driving licence can i drive then?

if it is your first driving licence in Ireland then you can drive as long as you have a fully qualified driver with you , if it is your second provisional then you can drive on your own . after you... Read More »

I asked how long can i hold a provisional motor-cycle licence before i must take a driving test?

In the U.K., a provisional driving licence is valid until your 70 birthday.However, in order to keep either a car or motorcycle driving licence valid, you must renew the photo on the photo-card eve... Read More »

After passing your driving practical test how long does it take to obtain your full uk driving licence?

Depends on the post and any backlog at DVLA.