I have a question regarding paypal payments?

Answer It's possible he has done as you suggest and maybe just emptied his Paypal.It seems he will refund you; however he would prob have to wait for a sale or upload from his Bank account or if he tries ... Read More »

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paypants??? :) :) Sounds like you/they may be paying by Paypal E-cheque, which take 10 days to clear. You don't make it clear if you're the buyer or seller.If you're the seller, check the E-mail fr... Read More »

Can You Receive Payments When You Are Unverified on PayPal?

When selling services or products online, a popular method of payment is PayPal -- an online payment service provider allowing people to easily send money over the Internet. Setting up an account i... Read More »

Paypal Payments (Hows it work)?

What you can do is email me your login data so i can take your money off of you and you dont have to ever worry about paypal again.

Does anyone know if paypal can be used via a laptop for credit card payments.?

There are a couple of ways to go about accepting cards at fairs and markets. Be sure you find the right service for your needs. There are other options besides PayPal.If you will be taking cards in... Read More »