I have a question regarding paypal payments?

Answer It's possible he has done as you suggest and maybe just emptied his Paypal.It seems he will refund you; however he would prob have to wait for a sale or upload from his Bank account or if he tries ... Read More »

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I have a query regarding billing and payments I have made to a company?

yes, They should provide you with monthly statements, if they don't they shoud be able to send them to you, but they may charge for this service.

I had an interview today. I have one question regarding it?

The employer should let you know how much the job pays before your first day of work.Normally, the employer would have told you during the interview.Make sure, for your sake, that you find out befo... Read More »

I have a question regarding the legal-financial sector?

It really depends on what she is applying for. If, to use an extreme example, she is applying to be the next governor of the Bank of England then probably not. But as a customer adviser in a bank... Read More »


paypants??? :) :) Sounds like you/they may be paying by Paypal E-cheque, which take 10 days to clear. You don't make it clear if you're the buyer or seller.If you're the seller, check the E-mail fr... Read More »