I have a talktalk D-Link DSL-2680 and I want to bridge the WAN connection?

Answer Routers if being router/modem combis have a LAN side and a WAN side. The LAN side is yours which has the IP address range you have mentioned. The protocols as examples are TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP or PPP.... Read More »

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To where would you want a bridge or tunnel connection?

Why cant i get wi-fi on my talktalk wireless connection?

phoned the company up and they will help you out

I have a linkseys wireless router i want to set a password so nobody can use my internet connection.?

You are going to need to contact tech support either with Linksys or the make of your computer. For example if you have a Dell, try calling them for tech help. Tech support should have solved you... Read More »

7How do I connect wireless to a bthub .I have an ethernet connection but want to move the hub to a differnet?

hi try this this this is how to get in to your hub your user name adminpassword admin http://bthub.config/ you put in your broadnand user name and ... Read More »