I have a website. where do i find people who want to advertise on it, and how do i tender the deal?

Answer First try Adwords. Google will get ads for you.

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How do you get people to pay to advertise on your website?

You've got to go look for them......... in the 7-8yrs of knocking together websites, and trying to make a few extra £££'s out of them, these are the only ones that haven't screwed me over and sh... Read More »

Getting people to advertise on my website!?

The first question you need to answer is whether or not you have enough traffic to attract advertisers. If you have tons of visitors, you won't have any problem working with an ad media service. If... Read More »

How can I advertise my website to as many people as possible?

Ranking high in the search engines, however, is a tougher ballgame. Search engines look at the following factors in ranking websites, though in varying degrees of importance:- Age = an older site s... Read More »

How much money can you make through letting people advertise on your website?

Hello Bob,That obviously depends on many factors, such as how well optimised and promoted, the site is. These factors will govern how many target buyers it attracts. Hence the profit can vary great... Read More »