I have a wireless router downstairs. A pc upstairs.?

Answer It may be out of range (distance?) or being blocked by the internal walls, the signal degrades quickly through brick or concrete. We had a similar problem and have sued a wireless extender to boost... Read More »

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Does McAfee internet security have anything to do with me connecting my upstairs PC to my downstairs router?

Uh, remember that firewall thingy? You gotta open a hole in it to see through...

How can I get Wi-Fi upstairs if my router Is downstairs?

Concrete, metal girders and stone block Wi-Fi signals. If you live in a sturdy old farmhouse, or a trendy concrete designer home, the signal from you Wi-Fi router won’t reach upstairs. One soluti... Read More »

How do I connect my upstairs PC to my downstairs router (EASY) 10 POINTS?

Easier said than done. The cheapest method would be to place the router closer to the upstairs room, higher up in the downstairs room. You'll still get crappy service. Personally, if the upstairs P... Read More »

Anyone know how to have internet upstairs from connection downstairs?

Upgrade to a wireless router. I went in to pc world and they gave me all the info.