I have a yahoo account?

Answer Hello my friend don't worry about this problem just easy.First when you go to yahoo homepage,click sign up and fulfill the information then at the password leave your wife to do then the problem wi... Read More »

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If I have a new pc , can I still use my old yahoo answers account?

Does not matter which pc you use, just login with your esisting username and password.

Help - yahoo account appears to have been hacked!?

"My computer has good anti-virus etc protection"Can you list your security software ??? This issue could indicate a infected computer.If your willing to try one or two more removal tools, my sugge... Read More »

I have difficulty with browsing of yahoo web page and my account on my lab top but not on my phone?

Try installing a different browser on your laptop, although if your phone is better than your laptop there is probably something wrong with your laptop.

How does yahoo protect my yahoo account im the victim of hackers?

After you get your Y! a/c back, activate the 'SMS message' PIN log-in confirmation option ..PS the hacker has your address book ... no doubt even now it's being sold / copied to multiple other scam... Read More »