I have been block from sending friend requests for 14 days on facebook ?

Answer you just have to wait the 14 days, and next time, dont add people you dont know, and dont add tons of people all in the same day

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I've been banned from sending requests to people I don't know on facebook...?

That's because as illustrated by all your other questions, you hopelessly stalk people on fb, sending them multiple messages. They don't get back with you, and you refuse to take the hint.FB is sm... Read More »

Why does Facebook accuse everyone of spam for sending friend requests?

Maybe you have added alot of people before that have ignored your request or marked u as a stranger?Or maybe you was sending out invites to many people at once?The only time I ever gotten a warning... Read More »

I have been suspended from work. I was on facebook sending private messages?

When a person is suspended from work, there are certain legal terms involving people who still work there, sort of like a 'restraining order', hence when you are escorted out of the building when y... Read More »

How to See Friend Requests You Have Sent on Facebook?

As Facebook increases its privacy features, it is less likely that you will be able to see another user's page without officially becoming her friend. After you send someone a friend request, she h... Read More »