I have been blocked from posting Facebook comments. Why.?

Answer Facebook has bot detection algorithm on their website. Your actions triggered that blocked. There's nothing you can do but to wait for the temporary block to end.

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I have been blocked from posting on anyone's wall on a facebook page what should i do?

something similar happened to me I promote forever living products and I was going to anyone because I had got onto a page dealing with health products. What it is facebook don`t like you contacti... Read More »

How do you deal with people posting offensive comments on Youtube?

Give them a thumbs down and ignore it. All they want is attention and if you don't give it to them they will stop.

Is it possible to delete someone on your blocked lists on facebook and still keep them blocked?

There is no option to delete the name from our blocked lists. If we block a person, we cannot see his/her profile on Facebook. it means that we automatically remove his/her name from our memories. ... Read More »

Facebook Dev Posting Help?

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