I have been blocked from posting on anyone's wall on a facebook page what should i do?

Answer something similar happened to me I promote forever living products and I was going to anyone because I had got onto a page dealing with health products. What it is facebook don`t like you contacti... Read More »

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I have been blocked from posting Facebook comments. Why.?

Facebook has bot detection algorithm on their website. Your actions triggered that blocked. There's nothing you can do but to wait for the temporary block to end.

I have been blocked from using curtain features on facebook for 30 days, but ive done nothing, what can i do?

You know it's funny, when anyone gets a time ban from FB or any other sitethey have never ever in their lives done anything wrong!Seeing that you have given no details of the ban, you know exactly ... Read More »

How Do I Unblock an Application From Posting on My Facebook Wall?

Facebook applications include games and music players, and aren't a standard feature of Facebook accounts. Each application on a profile must be manually added by the profile's owner. If an applica... Read More »

Does the person blocked from my email know they have been blocked?

Not unless they try to send you email and get a "bounce" notice. This varies with different internet service providers.