I have been poked on facebook What does this mean?

Answer not necessarily. A poke is just like saying hi, its kinda pointless actually. Its usually just a casual hello. I wouldn't worry about it.

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I have signed into msn and my status has been deleted what does this mean?

hey❶first scan your PC using your antivirus, if you haven't got any,use online scanning ..http://www.pandasoftware.com Read More »

I have recently been burgled. My insurance policy is "new-for-old". What does this mean exactly.?

The earlier answer is right - I think you're upset because (as well as having been burgled - my sympathies, incidentally) you feel hard done by because you paid out loads for something which can no... Read More »

Northern rocks been nationalised, what does this mean for people who have mortgages with them?

Look at it like this: The house that you thought that you had bought (but was actually owned by the Bank), is now owned by the State; you therefore effectively now live in a Council House as a tena... Read More »

I've just ordered broadband and have been told the speed is 2.0Mb what does this mean & is it rubbish?

it is sort of but one what type of line is it, DSL, Cable or sattalite? and what type of area do you live in and how much is it costing? If it is just you who is using it and you only browse the we... Read More »