I have been temporarily blocked off commenting/liking posts on facebook. HELP?

Answer you should be shot for posting kiddie porn.YOU ARE SICK. Some people get off watching kids being abused and you shared it. You said yourself it was indecent footage.YOU SHOULD BE SHOT!.....TWICE

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If someone has blocked me on Facebook, can they still see MY posts?

As far as I know once you block someone or become blocked you can't follow the persons activities, it's a clean cut. You can't see any of their activities and vice versa. To be absolutely sure, log... Read More »

Can people who iv blocked on facebook see my posts on a page that they have liked?

They will not be able to see anything that you have done over facebook, sooo dont worry i can assurre you that as soon as you block someone they basically dont ever see your name on facebook, and p... Read More »

Is there a way that I can find out if one of my Facebook friends blocked me from seeing their wall posts?

No, that is not how blocking works. Is it private, so only the blocker will know. If you have suspicions, you can try searching that person up on facebook. If he doesn't even appear, then he (full... Read More »

My windows live account has been "temporarily blocked"help?

Someone has hacked your account. this has happened to me before too. Dont worry! they'll unblock it sometime in the next 7 days. i got really worried too. its just the new security on MSN is much b... Read More »