I have bt broadband and a windows xp computer?

Answer You need to purchase a wireless router and a wireless network card for your computer. Connect the router to the broadband modem using an ethernet cable. Set up the router and your network card. ... Read More »

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I have a windows Xp computer is it to outdated to upgrade without buying a new computer?

Run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if you can upgrade to win 7.…If your on about upgrading the computer hardware.. Just buy a new one.

Why does my computer run slow now that i have broadband?

Check what is slowing your computer down by using Task Manager.Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click on the Processes tab.Scroll down and identify a process where the digits are frantically changing ... Read More »

I'm getting Broadband. I have Windows 2000. Should I upgrade to XP or just get some anti virus instead?

I'd strongly recommend a firewall and Avast or AVG antivirus, an anti trojan, an anti spyware and an anti adware.The Windows firewall doesn't stop malware on your pc from dialling out. Either of th... Read More »

My computer has slowed down and hangs since i have been on broadband ,,,why?

This sounds to me like adware running on start up. They are a bit like TSR (terminate and stay resident programs) in that they are resident on startup and run in the background. Anti virus softwa... Read More »