I have bt broadband and a windows xp computer?

Answer You need to purchase a wireless router and a wireless network card for your computer. Connect the router to the broadband modem using an ethernet cable. Set up the router and your network card. ... Read More »

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Is windows xp compatable with broadband?

yesRE Additional- the only reason your PC should come up as non compatible would be hardware , & if u have either a network cable connection &/or USB ports thats wrong tooI wouldnt trust PC Pitstop... Read More »

Will windows vista run with orange broadband?

yes it will it;s not the broadband u need to check it is the computer compatible with vista (unless it has come pre installed)

I keep getting Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the?

what OS ? can't help you without that and win 7 when you got it told you to back up ur OS . if that is what you have

connecting pc to broadband windows vista chuck help?

Have you previously used this wi-fi dongle with your wireless network? yes mark i have ive also tried another usb wifi adapter and still wont connect i just reinstalled vista,it shows my router but... Read More »