I have deleted norton security on add or remove programs how do i get it back?

Answer Why would you want that junk back?

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My "Add and remove programs" in my xp pro control panel only shows 3 programs yet I have over 30, why ?

Try using restore point. Like 1 week ago then check again if they are still missing. I had a problem like that but with only one program. But it so happened it was a bad one. Anyway, just try it!

Norton Internet Security has just told me my computer is infected with a virus it can't remove, what can I do?

query the virus name online and see if there is a removal tool for it.

I'm getting pop ups even though pop up blocker is on, I have Norton security?

Hiyou gut a browser hijackerget rid of itthere are a lot of free ware to do thatclick on the link, get free one and you are donegood luck

Switching from Norton Internet Security to AVG. Can Norton be removed completely first (more details inside)?

run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product first