I have discovered i can use my next door neighbours wireless internet conection is this wrong / illegal?

Answer in a legal sense its totall illegal yeah, personally i say fair game! his fault for not enabling wireless security.go to a command window and type in ipconfig, find the default gateway and type it ... Read More »

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Is it illegal to use my neighbours wireless router?

Yes technically it's against the law. Regardless of not knowing whos network it is, you shouldn't be connecting to unkown unsecured wireless networks and using the net just because it's there. In t... Read More »

Is it possible to connect to xbox live through my laptops wireless internet conection?

Maybe you can try connecting the Xbox to your laptop via ad-hoc wireless connection. Its free and you don't need to burn $60 bucks on a wifi adapter.instructions after the jump: Read More »

Can wireless connection be picked up by next door neighbours?

Yes, if its not secured. You have to secure your connection using passwords.

Can neighbours tap into your wireless internet connection?

You need to access your router set-up page, usually in your browser address line (where goes)You will need to set a password. Default settings are usually 'admin' for 'user... Read More »