I have just changed router. (Old one 7 years old) New router has Infinity socket, Can I use it?

Answer As long as you go Beyond.

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Pc World wont except a wireless router back as I have opened the box and the router works! Can they do this?

There's no defect or fault, so why should they ACCEPT it back?

Router name and password has changed?

Reset your router to factory settings. Change the default admin password to something new. Set the new cryptographic key to be something you can find. Re-connect all devices. Resetting the router t... Read More »

Is it possible to find out what websites have been visited just by doing something to the wifi router?

Yes. Some routers like mine (Netgear) log the sites that each connected device goes to. For example, I can find out what site my children go to by going inside the router's configuration page and l... Read More »

I forgot my router login isp changed it and idk what it is..?