I have just got 12 points on my driving licence. How can I keep my licence. I drive for a living.?

Answer drive with more care

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Iv got a uk driving licence and i got 3 points how long before the dvla send my licence back?

to be honest. DVLA dont ask for the driving licence to put 3 points onto it. You should have sent it to the fixed penalty office to have the licence endorsed. The only reason you should have sen... Read More »

Scooters - do you need a specific licence to drive them if you haven't a driving licence?

You need a bike licence, eventually, but once you have passed your first part of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), you can ride one (depending on engine size) on a provisional licence.Contact a scoo... Read More »

How many points will i get on my driving licence?ā€¦

UK driving licence points?