I have just received over 100?

Answer Lucky,no one has anything to do with me.

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I have just received my p45 but im still employed?

Check with your employer that it really was an error. If it was, they can remedy (no big deal) easily enough by giving you a new contract with continuous service or confirming that your old one sta... Read More »

I have just received my P60 and for the past 5 months been on a tax..?

If this is your only job, then you are certainly entitled to a refund - how have you survived paying all that tax?You need to send your actual P60 (but keep a copy for yourslef) to the tax office n... Read More »

I have just received my national insurance number can I get a job now?

You can try, but virtually all employers need you to be at least 16 (and competition is red hot, so be prepared to keep on applying...). You don't pay NI until you are 16, so having your NI number ... Read More »

I have just received my first thing from ebay?

Contact the seller and see what happens there first.If you contact eBay they'll just ask what the seller said about it.eBay's suggestions:The key to successful transactions on eBay is direct commun... Read More »

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