I have just received over 100?

Answer Lucky,no one has anything to do with me.

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I received a phone call yesterday to invite me to interview yet I haven't received an email to confirm.?

yes a phone call is a say you have a time and date but no address,so you do need to know where to go.if there really is no way of getting hold of a phone number(which there should ... Read More »

Paid for something on eBay and not received it. It cost £90 and Ive received nothing?

complain, there is a procedure on ebay, why didn't you look for that? Are you panicking?

Received more money in my account than I should've received?

Bank errors are ALWAYS subject to collection. The right thing to do is notify the bank that you suspect an error. If you're inclined to keep the money, just know that the bank can come after you ... Read More »

Refund not received for goods I never received!?

When you say 'wrong address' do you mean to a complete stranger or do you mean the delivery man left them with a neighbour. If the former then I'm wondering how you found out and why it was your re... Read More »

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